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- a webinar - 

Remember the fun you had when you first started dating?

How much you laughed?

The private jokes and playful teasing?

How curious you were about each other?

Wanna be more playful in your day-to-day?

Join us on 

Sunday, 4.10.20 

21:00 (Israel)/2:00 pm (EDT)/ 11:00 am (PDT)

for a special webinar that will teach you 

How to Ground your Play

A date night full of content at a playful rate of 


we will learn...

  • How to create a playful and secure foundation for your relationship

  • What play is and why it matters

  • The secret to intimacy and closeness

  • Using play as a tool to overcome disagreements and arguments

  • That your partner can still surprise you

  • How play keeps your relationship interesting, passionate and alive

  • That your relationship is your play ground for personal growth and development

Nice to meet you...

Dr. Assael Romanelli (family and couples’ therapist) and his wife Galit (life coach and social entrepreneur) have been studying relationships for as long as they can remember. With much love for each other, as well as for human beings in general, they believe that playful, authentic communication will lead us all to a happier, fuller life.