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אז, מה נלמד?

- Play Ground - 

a playful webinar

The opposite of play is not work - it’s depression.

- Dr. Stuart Brown

Often when we think of play or playfulness we think of being silly, goofing off - a privilege reserved for children and child’s play. As adults we move further away from play and as a result find it more difficult to access our playfulness. But play is a skill, a muscle - and if we don’t use it, we lose it. We tend to downplay or overlook its contribution to our personal growth and development, disregarding it’s impact on our health and well being, as well as its contribution to our relationships.

Play is tricky to capture and at times allusive. It’s an outlook, an approach that affects the way we choose to show-up and interpret situations - opening up a treasure of solutions and possibilities.

The benefits of play are vast and far reaching - from impacting the way our brain develops through to the way we determine our satisfaction in life. Creativity, passion, drive and intimacy are all a byproduct of play! Being able to tap into our natural birthright is a gift that has direct impact on our experiences.

Join us for a closer look at how and why play is a secret ingredient to thriving relationships and the ways in which you can access and practice more of it - turning your relationship into a playground for growth!

Sunday, March 14

9:00 pm IST/ 2:00 pm EST


(per couple)

This webinar is for everyone! Both in and out of relationships :) 

we will learn...

  • How to create a playful and secure foundation for your relationship

  • What play is and why it matters

  • The secret to intimacy and closeness

  • Using play as a tool to overcome disagreements and arguments

  • That your partner can still surprise you

  • How play keeps your relationship interesting, passionate and alive

  • That your relationship is your play ground for personal growth and development

  • practical tips and tricks to incorporate more play - today!


Sunday, March 14

9:00 pm IST/ 2:00 pm EST


(per couple)


Nice to meet you...

Dr. Assael Romanelli (couple and family therapist) and his wife Galit (life coach and social entrepreneur) have been studying relationships for as long as they can remember. With much love for each other, as well as for human beings in general, they believe that playful, authentic communication will lead us all to a happier, fuller life.

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