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Therapist Supervision

“All therapists are hypocrites.” - Dr. Assael Romanelli

Finding your unique voice, receiving validation and embracing all your parts is vital if you want to be able to move people out of their comfort zone, stretch them as they move towards growth. I am well versed in the journey to the internal “shadow”, and how to bring more of our self-states to therapy.

My therapeutic approach is an integrative-differentiation systemic approach with a strong focus on the here-and-now.
I am a certified supervisor from the Israeli association of couple and family therapy and the Social Worker Union.

As a supervisor I bring all my different parts and experiences from the worlds of therapy, improvisation and experiential education. I stand on the shoulders of the family therapy giants (Whitaker, Schnarch, Haley, Bowen, Minuchin, Satir, Byng-hall, Papp...), as well as the active, intersubjective, relational, experiential thinkers (Moreno, Keeney, Winnicot, Ringstrom, Wiener, Gottman, Stern, White, Adler...). I also incorporate from the great teachers of improvisation in the performing arts (Johnstone, Spolin, Fox, Boal, Zaporah, wunder, Miesner...). All these geniuses meet and interact with us in the room according to what arises in the moment.

I dedicated my PhD research on teaching therapists improvisational skills, both in the academy and in the field. My trainings have helped dozens of therapists bring more of themselves; increase therapeutic presence (Geller and Greenberg, 2002), therapeutic charisma (Heide, 2013) and therapeutic impact (Omer, 1992). Additionally, I found an increase in immediacy skills (Hill, 2004) that help therapists feel more free, intuitive and challenged throughout their clinical work, reducing the risk of early burnout.

Our supervision will require you to read clinical and improvisational literature, as well to bring your whole self to our sessions. I will be honored to help find and refine your therapist-self.

Sessions are conducted online or in my clinic in my home in Kfar Saba Sundays through Thursdays from 9:30am till 6:15pm (IL time). Sessions are an hour long. 


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