Testimonials- Playback

Vera Senkevieh

Playback Theater Trainer and conductor, Buisness trainer - Moscow, Russia

On September 2015 Assael Romanelli gave a wonderful workshop. We were able to explore the topics of sexuality and relations on the stage. It was awesome! The ways of playing these relations were both simple and very expressive. The group was rather diversified, speaking about the experience in playback, some were students, others were experienced actors. This wasn't a problem for Assael, he managed to create the atmosphere, where all the participants shared their expertise and told their private stories. All of them enjoyed the workshop. We are waiting for Assael with new playback techniques. As an organizer, I'm very thankful for Assael's friendliness, his willingness to share all of the experience and just for our good mood. We hope to see you in Moscow soon!

Tiina Syrjä, PhD

Playback Theater Trainer and conductor - Vox Company - Finland

I know Assael from the Playback Leadership Course which we took in Italy 2015. Since then I’ve participated in two Assael’s workshops: the Chorus Workshop and the Ninja Workshop. I find the way Assael combines theory formation to playback theatre training unique and inspiring. His teachings are well-thought-out and because of this they are also easy to put into practice. His way of teaching is passionate and warm and the workshops are a lot of fun! Highly recommended!

Andrea Jacobs, PhD

Yes...AND Playback Theatre, business manager - New Jersy, USA

Assael is a highly skilled teacher and facilitator. His workshop on the Playback form chorus with our troupe really took us to a new level of connection. We had learned the form together in other spaces but combination of theory and practice that Assael offered really helped me to understand the mechanics and artistry of the form as well as when it can be used by itself or as an addition to a long story. He pushed us to work hard, recognize patterns that might be in our way and take risks all in a three+ hour workshop. I look forward to the opportunity to learn with/from him again.

Ann Admon

Jerusalem, Israel

I was looking for a way to 'open myself' to my inner voice, to overcome my inhibitions... Assael is not only a caring, sensitive teacher with the capacity to form an environment and a group that made me feel safe, included and special, but he also has a vibrant energy and the tools to make it fun filled, exciting and my favorite day of the week. It has been an amazing journey... I am now able to stand up in front of others and open myself up in ways I never thought possible.Thank you Assael!

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