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Improvisation based on real stories.

About Playback Theater

Playback Theater (PT) is a form of improvised theater based on audience stories. This art-form corresponds with different disciplines such as Psychodrama, oral traditions, storytelling, community theater, social action and more. Since its creation in the 1970’s in the USA, PT has since spread throughout the world, with wide applications in the art, therapy and education fields.

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Dr. Assael Romanelli, PhD

Assael has trained with the creator of PT, Jonathan Fox, and with the leading trainers around the world. He is an accredited Playback Theatre Trainer (APTT) and is a graduate of the Central School of Playback Theater. He has been performing, researching, conducting and teaching PT for over a decade. He combines his PT training, with his therapeutic training, as well as his fluency in Psychodrama, NLP and Improv, which creates a rich, multi-layered expression of this art form.

Currently, Assael is the artistic director of the Jerusalem Playback Theater group Or Chozer. He previously served on the Board of Directors of the Israeli Association of Playback Theater. Today, Assael leads special topic trainings for PT actors in Israel and internationally, as well as a weekly group in Jerusalem.


Assael teaches PT techniques for a wide variety of groups and organizations, aiming to improve group dynamics, allow creative reflection, and empower educators and leaders.

Participants Quotes

"It was awesome! Assael managed to create the atmosphere, where all the participants shared their expertise and told their private stories. We hope to see you in Moscow soon!"

— Vera Senkevieh, Moscow

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