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“If we want to live in the truth and succeed at it, we must proceed skillfully”

Terrence Real


The things we consider to be our weaknesses, are actually are greatest assets if we are willing to acknowledge them, own them, and embrace them. At the Potential State we will help you turn your sh!t, into fertilizer for maximum growth. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, are you?

Leading a team or organization requires a diligent awareness of ourselves. We must map out our strengths, our limitations, our vision, and our ability to inspire well before we can map out the strengths and assets of our organization. A clear and honest leader, who is congruent in their mission, drive and passion is contagious and will create an inclusive environment that aims to achieve success - together.

The Potential State believes there is much richness in the shadows of our being. The places and elements of the self we try to minimize, down-play or down right ignore. Not only is there an exceptional amount of potential for growth in these over-looked places, but the reward is tremendous for the leader who dares to go there.

Modeling the ability to acknowledge your shortcomings as executive leaders, leaning in for intentional growth, will cultivate an inclusive, creative, and productive work environment. Where teams feel like family and are excited to bring their whole selves to work.

The Potential State offers custom workshops and sessions for executives interested in driving real change in the work place.

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