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“Anything worth knowing,
 can’t be taught.”

  Carl Whitaker

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The Ninja Therapist is the bold therapist who is willing to utilize their whole self and everything that arises in the here-and-now clinical encounter, in order to maximize growth, understanding, therapeutic alliance, and play.

Ninja therapist training is aimed at clinicians from all disciplines, who are ready to enrich their toolbox and clinical outlook.


This training is based on the groundbreaking 6-year research on theater improvisational skills for therapists conducted by Dr. Assael Romanelli. It has been since taught in Germany, the USA, and several academic and clinical institutes around Israel for hundreds of clinicians.


Ninja therapist training is highly experiential and includes an integrative psychotherapeutic and improvisational theoretical component together with a heavy focus on training in theater improvisational skills in pairs and small groups.


Ample time is given for Q&A and peer supervision.

The training includes articles, videos, and other resources that will help participants integrate these skills for immediate application. Click here to download the Ninja therapist training pamphlet. 

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