Moving from Other to M.Other

The transition to M.Otherhood is a big one. It’s a life altering, transformative event. It’s hard to predict how this metamorphosis will land, and while we can’t really prepare for the unknown, we can reflect and anchor our strengths; have a deep understanding of what our ideals, hopes and dreams are, as well as how to cope and manage if those are unattainable; as well as how this change may affect our identity, intimate relationships and core beliefs.

Whether you are pre or post partum, we can begin to look at the process of M.Otherhood, surface and share the conversations that are left unspoken so that you can step into your M.Otherhood from a place of strength, awareness, agency and love. First and foremost to yourself.

Let’s prepare for the things that have been left unsaid - from initial bonding, infant feeding, to intimacy with your partner postpartum.



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"This has been so therapeutic for me - I really can’t explain how much. Thank you!!!"

Sarah Y.

"Galit came into my life when I was at my lowest point. Her knowledge, support, and empathy has been such a blessing and really helped guide me through one of the toughest times in my life. Just having her listen and provide valuable insight was such a life vest when I felt like I was drowning, I can never thank her enough for that"

Natalie A.

"Galit was able to reveal my strengths to me, strengthening and empowering me so that I could stand on my own in the face of difficulties. I'm so thankful to her for that."

Hila T.