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Lectures & Workshops

Change through Head, Heart and Hand

21-century relationship skills
Focusing on flexibility, improvisation, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.
Researched theory and techniques
From the fields of NLP, Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Improvisation, Theater and perfomance art.
visceral experience
Developing the left hemisphere (logic and learning) As well as the right hemisphere (creativity, intuition, emotion).
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“Nothing worth Knowing can be taught” (Carl Whitaker)

21st-century relationships require flexibility, improvisation, intuition, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication skills.

Our lectures and workshops are based on a synergistic fusion of proven, researched theories and techniques from disciplines such as Psychotherapy, NLP, Psychodrama, Action methods, Theater improvisation, Playback theater, and more.


Over the past 15 years, we have facilitated hundreds of workshops and lectures, reaching thousands of people.

The content is delivered experientially and relates to both hemispheres, including the right hemisphere which is responsible for creativity, art, feeling, and intuition.

Our training incorporates academic theories and concepts (Head), practical tools (Hand), in an open, creative, safe, and honest environment (Heart).


We believe this combination allows not only an effective, lasting experiential learning, but also strengthens the group experience of the participants through honesty, openness and play.

Among our customers

Dr. Assael Romanelli, PhD

  • Licensed clinical social worker

  • Certified couple and family therapist

  • PhD From The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Expert in teaching improvisation skills for different audiences.

  • Certified NLP trainer and consultant

  • International lecturer and trainer

  • Author of several articles on communication, improvisation and theater. Click here to read his articles.

  • Artistic director of the Or Chozer professional Playback Theater company in Jerusalem.

Assael Romanelli, Ph.D..jpg

Participants Quotes

"It was awesome! Assael managed to create the atmosphere, where all the participants shared their expertise and told their private stories. We hope to see you in Moscow soon!"

— Vera Senkevieh, Moscow

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