Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is not only a “meeting of minds” (Aron, 1996) but also a Symbolic-Experiential relationship (Whitaker, 1981). You bring your conscious and unconscious parts, and so do I. We will understand together what you want to change and work in the here-and-now, to understand the present as well as the past.

We will create a safe enough space that will enable you to take a risk and expand yourself. My style is direct, honest, and bold. I am ready to meet.

We will walk together on this path and see where it leads. Therapy is not an easy journey and requires energy. It is like life - Sometimes it is fun, sometimes hard, sometimes fascinating, and sometimes boring.

But our commitment to the encounter will help lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and a change in our perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors.

Sessions are conducted online or in the clinics in Kfar Saba or Jerusalem, and run between an hour to 1.5 hours. The fee is 150$ an hour.

To set an appointment

fill out the form or contact me.

Assael Romanelli, PhD  ד״ר עשהאל רומנלי


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