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Individual Therapy

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch

Individual therapy is not only a “meeting of minds” but also a Symbolic-Experiential relationship (Whitaker, 1981). You bring your conscious and unconscious parts, and so do I.


We will explore the transformation you are seeking and work on the here-and-now, gaining a deep understanding of the present by shedding new light on the past.
We will create both a safe and brave space that will encourage you to take risks and expand yourself - moving yourself out of your comfort zone, default patterns and behaviors.


My style is direct, honest, and bold.
I am ready to meet.
While therapy is not an easy journey and requires emotional energy, I incorporate a playfulness that rejuvenates the mind and invites a newfound sense of curiosity. Our process will mirror life - at times it will be fun and entertaining, at other times hard and dull. But our commitment to the encounter will lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, inviting a genuine change in our perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors.


In light of my experience I only see singles for individual therapy.

For women who are looking for individual therapy, they can work with Galit who offers Gendered Coaching for women

I find that clients that are in relationships change and grow faster when they come with their partner. That's because that couple therapy is a 2-for-1 endeavor: You get to confront yourself and grow, as well as encouraging your partner to evolve with you.

Initial session

We begin with an initial 60 minute session where we get to “feel” the chemistry between us (research shows that one of the greatest factors that impacts the success of therapy is the relationship with the therapist). By the end of the session, I’ll reflect your situaion as I see it (strengths and challenges), and map how I would work with you in therapy if we were to continue. I’ll also give you some initial practices and tools that you could apply immediately.

The decision to continue the process is yours and you take ownership over your growth.


If you choose to continue, we start working together, based on these principles:

  • I believe that one of the goals of therapy is for therapy to end. Therefore I aim for practical, no-nonsense, efficient therapy.

  • I believe that knowledge is power so I teach you effective tools, techniques and concepts that my clients and I use daily. Therefore in most sessions I’ll refer you to videos from our YouTube channel so you can deepen your learning and practice at home, because therapy is what happens between sessions

  • I believe people have agency over their lives and that I'm not here to save anyone. Therefore, you determine the frequency of sessions (in consultation with me). At the end of every session, I’ll ask you when you want to meet next so you’ll be accountable for the process.

  • And the rest I'll tell you when we meet...

Sessions are conducted online or in my clinic in my home in Kfar Saba Sundays through Thursdays from 9:30am till 6:15pm (IL time). Sessions run between an hour to 1.5 hours. 

To set up an initial session, contact me directly or fill your details below.