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Improvisation for Therapists

Helping therapists become more present, Charismatic, impactful, collaborative and playful.


Researched and proven.

Based on clinical research of my PhD, I developed a unique training called improv for therapists. This training enables therapists to integrate theater improvisation skills into their clinical practice, regardless of previous theatrical experience or their clinical theoretical orientation.

The training is built on the experiential learning model (Kolb, 2001, 2005) and includes concrete experiences of improvisation excersizes, reflective observation and abstract conceptualization integrating clinical and theater improvisation literature.

'Improv for therapists' has been taught successfully as a semester-long course in the Social Work School of the Hebrew University for over two years with extremely positive feedback. Initial qualitative and quantitative data from course alumni show increased levels of therapeutic presence (Geller and Greenberg, 2002), therapeutic charisma (Heide, 2013) and therapeutic impact (Omer, 1992). Additionally, results indicate an increase in immediacy skills (Hill, 2004) that help therapists feel more free, intuitive and challenged during their clinical work.

Due to student demands, the training is was expanded to a yearly training, and has quickly been run outside the academy, in other institutions and field organizations, such as the municipality of Jerusalem and Shiluv institute for couple and family therapy.

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