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"The way to keep     
  passion alive is by
  telling the truth.”

    Terrence Real


Love and vitality, curiosity and exploration, anger and disappointment, joy and vulnerability - are all there, waiting for you - to feel freely. Together. ​​

Cultivating and maintaining honest and close relationships is one of the most challenging tasks of our lives.

Romantic love, mature love, being close but holding on to ourselves - are not things we learn in any formal way.
At best, we had a model to look to at home, at worst we experience through trial and error.
By internalizing that our closest relationships are hotbeds for growth - mechanisms for stretching, adapting and developing - as well as actively learning skills and tools that can help us 'show up' and communicate effectively - we will be able to leverage our relationship as a means to access all the emotions we once felt fully in our Potential State.

We offer a range of sessions, retreats, courses, and webinars that will equip you to grow as individuals - together.
Below are a few of our staple offerings:


Play is something that many of us take for granted, as Dr. Stuart Brown explains - like oxygen; we only appreciate how vital it is, when it’s no longer there.In this playful webinar we explore the benefits of play, as well as offer practical ways to incorporate more play into your relationship so as to build the necessary foundation for honest, authentic communication.

The Potential State’s Couple Crash course

This five session course walks you through the main pillars of the Potential State model for enriching relationships. Packed with theory and practice, we will work together to experience the model through ourselves and our relationship. While every couple will work individually and only share as much as they feel comfortable sharing, this is a course where you will have the opportunity to “show-up” in new ways in your relationship, bring new voices and experiment with a different “dance”.

Red Thread retreat

Exploring key concepts like ‘the red thread’, ‘business cards’ and ‘differentiation’ - this, unique, interactive workshop taps into all four of your sensory preferences, making this a holistic experience facilitating deeper, internal growth for long lasting impact. Infusing ideas from the world of systematic-therapy, NLP, improvisation, gender theory and inter-personal communication we explore both the text and sub-text that create our relational space.

“X-Ray eyes” sessions

These are unique sessions co-led by Assael and Galit together for a simultaneous 360 perspective - each with their unique outlook, understanding and experiences, these sessions provide you with expansive insights on your relational space, dynamics and dance.


"The content is excellent! Explained clear and simple. You guys should right a book on "how to be married" and make it a must read for all newly weds. I really hope we can come to more of your workshops, it was just scratching the surface of a deep and meaningful understanding of what relationship really is!! Thank you both very much for doing what you do!!!"

Dassie B.

It was a good balance between theory and practice. You gave great personal examples. You were so well coordinated as co-facilitators, I wondered if you'd practiced who would say what. Even (or especially) after almost forty years of marriage, recalling the how and why of play is super important. Thank you Assael and Galit for recipes for a spoon full of sugar!

Linda A.

"For us this workshop was a step into something new and totally out of the comfort zone. The effort that both of us put into that stepping out had a positive ripple effect of playfulness and appreciation for each other. I personally saw my husbands' effort being put into something he did not choose and probably wouldn't choose for himself. This brought us connection and openness even now a few days after."

Hadassah Z.

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