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Hugging Raw

“People are good for each other according to the degree to which they are intimate together.” 

Carl Whitaker

Join Dr. Assael and Galit Romanelli as they openly share and unpack patterns, behaviors, and beliefs with which we enter and maintain our relationships. Through this authentic and honest workshop, full of real-life examples and anecdotes, you will be taken on a journey where theory meets practice, past meets future, external meets internal and you are no longer afraid to “say the thing”. 

Exploring key concepts like “the red thread”, “business cards”, and differentiation - this unique, interactive workshop taps into all four of your sensory preferences, making this a holistic experience facilitating deeper, internal growth for long-lasting impact. Infusing ideas from the world of systematic therapy, NLP, improvisation, gender theory, and interpersonal communication we explore both the text and sub-text that create our relational space.   

The workshop will be facilitated through a combination of  lectures, discreet exercises in pairs and group discussion. 

No prior experience needed, just an openness and curiosity to start seeing your relationship in a different light. 

The Trainers

Assael Romanelli Ph.D., is a clinical social worker, licensed couples and family therapist, international trainer, and Playback Theater conductor. He is the founder and director of the Potential State Institute for Enriching Relationships, which incorporates therapy, art, and education to create safe spaces for people to connect to themselves and others. He is also the artistic director of the Or Chozer Playback Theatre Ensemble in Jerusalem. Assael specializes in training people to be more spontaneous, playful, connected effective in their life and work. He publishes content regularly on The Potential State Podcast or YouTube channel.


Galit Romanelli is a feminist, coach, and social entrepreneur whose passion for gender and female empowerment has been a red thread throughout her life. She is the founder of (M)Other Milk, an international storytelling platform that empowers (M)Others to share their (baby’s) feeding story. Galit has been involved with social, cultural and educational organizations around the world that aligned with her values of social change, tolerance, and acceptance. At ROI Community, she creates meaningful, global gatherings for social entrepreneurs and facilitates opportunities for intentional conversations. Galit specializes in creating authentic experiences where everyone feels welcome. She uses her academic, professional and personal experiences to help people feel seen and heard.

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