Family Therapy

“As I grew up, everything started getting grey and dull. I could still remember the amazing intensity of the world I'd lived in as a child, but I thought the dulling of perception was an inevitable consequence of age... I didn't understand that clarity is in the mind.” 

Keith Johnstone

The relational space between parents is where our children grow-up and experience life. We determine the color, texture and character of that space - is it safe? playful? respectful? fearful? anxiety provoking? loving? engaging?
As we enter adulthood, we look to the relational space as a template making some adaptations along the way; sometimes to extremes (either replicating or rewriting). It has been my experience, that working on the system level allows change to occur faster, with adult family therapy having a multi-dimensional benefit - bettering the family of origin, as well as the (potential) family of choice.

Every family comes with its own unique dance, patterns and style. This ‘dance’ is the idiosyncratic interaction co-created between each family member cultivating a synergistic dynamic that is particular to your family. Each member contributes and engages in this dance. No one member bears the burden, and everyone is responsible for fostering change - starting with the parents.

Together, we will surface and unpack the difficulties you face as parents, as well as those of your children. Sometimes, one family member is especially challenging, essentially "acting out" and giving voice to the struggles the entire family is experiencing. The opportunity to meet together, lower defense mechanisms and take responsibility for our part in the dance allows for a safe, transitional space, where each person can expand and explore different ways of being in the family.

Sessions are conducted online or in my clinic in my home in Kfar Saba, and run between 1.5 hours to two hours. 


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