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The Potential State Course for Couples:

Feel Free

Relationships, as most things in life, require skill. 

We acquire these skills through various means - experience, observation, and learning.  

Now more than ever, when so much of our life is focused inward and so much rides on our ability to successfully communicate and engage with our partner, it's important that we invest in our relational skills to ensure that we are engaging fully in the relationships that serve as our foundation.

Here's what you'll learn in the Potential State course for couples:

  • Skills to engage authentically

  • Tools to share (feelings, hopes, dreams as well as criticism, shortcomings, and disappointments) without hesitation

  • The ability to remain curious with and about our life-partner

  • Navigating conflict in a productive rather than destructive way

  • Tips to strengthen intimacy and connection

  • Ways to deepen our passion, sensuality and sexuality to ourselves and our partner

  • Means to foster a relational space that is warm and welcoming

  • The path to a fulfilling relationship

In this five-session course we will explore why and how relationships are one of the greatest mechanisms for self and relational growth so you can enjoy life - together.

The Potential State is the sweet spot between fantasy and reality - where imagination, love, joy, creativity and vitality live. Do not be fooled, it's not all fun and games - emotions are felt fully, and there is heat along with passion. 


As children, we easily access our potential state, dipping between imagination and the real world, but as we grow older we drift further away from this wondrous place that was a vehicle to emotions, ourselves and meaningful relationships. 

Cultivating and maintaining honest and close relationships is one of the most challenging tasks of our lives. Romantic love, mature love, being close but holding on to ourselves - are not things we learn in any formal way. At best, we had a model to look to at home, at worst we experience through trial and error.

But, there's another way - 

By internalizing that our closest relationships are hotbeds for growth -  mechanisms for stretching, adapting and developing - and actively learning skills and tools that can help us 'show up' and communicate effectively - even when it's uncomfortable - we will be able to leverage our relationship as a means to access all the emotions we once felt fully in our Potential State.


Love and vitality, curiosity and exploration, anger and disappointment, joy and vulnerability - are all there. Waiting for you - to feel freely. Together.  

the three pillars of the Potential State model for Enriching Relationships


Being accountable and owning your shortcomings

Let it Land

Receiving feedback with an open heart and mind

Say the Thing

Sharing with directness and kindess


In this course we will...

  • Identify our sensory preferences

  • Recognize our love languages

  • Own our 'shadow'

  • learn how to receive feedback with an open heart and mind for a constructive relationship

  • Practice rupture and repairs through sharing 

Each session includes:

  • Comprehensive theoretical overview

  • Practical Exercises (to be done discreetly with camera and mic off)

  • A library of resources for continued independent learning

  • Q&A for deeper, specific clarification


Nice to meet you...

Dr. Assael Romanelli (couple and family therapist) and his wife Galit (life coach and social entrepreneur) have been studying relationships for as long as they can remember.

Assael bringing his experience from the clinic; working with hundreds of couples; facilitating lectures and workshops; applying various theories to his own marriage, coupled with Galits experience in the field of gender studies, experiential engagement, facilitation, social entrepreneurship and storytelling, are ready to pull back the curtain - sharing the integration of applied practices to navigate and enrich authentic relationships. 

With much love for each other, as well as for human beings in general, we believe that playful, honest communication will lead us all to a happier, fuller life. 

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