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Change through Head, Heart and Hand

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Assael Romanelli, Ph.D.

Married to Galit and father of two.

Individual, couple and family therapy private practice in Kfar Saba and Jerusalem.

Licensed Clinical Social worker (M.A. Hons) specializing in child and adolescent therapy, Haifa University.

Certified Couple and Family therapist and supervisor by the Israeli Association of Marital and Family Therapy. Trained in Shiluv and Barkai Institutes in Israel.

Ph.D. from Hebrew University, School of Social Work - studying the effects of teaching therapists theater improvisational skills.

A former lecturer in the School of Social Work, Hebrew University.

Diploma in Psychodramatic facilitation from Hakol Kore center in Jerusalem.

Mental Health officer in the IDF Reserves.

Lecturer, trainer, and facilitator in Israel and abroad.

Previously, head of the Family therapy unit in the community mental health clinic of North Jerusalem.

“Nothing worth knowing can be taught”
Carl Whitaker

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Hello, My name is Assael.

I'm an MSW, certified couple and family therapist and supervisor, NLP trainer, and coach.
I also direct
The Potential State Institute for enriching relationships together with my wife Galit.

I offer individual, couple, and family therapy online and in my clinics in Kfar Saba and Jerusalem.


I believe that the two elements of a successful relationship as well as therapy are: Play and full

ownership over your shadow (the behaviors and beliefs you usually deny or ignore).
It is this Ying-Yang combination that enables a vital, growing, invigorating relationship.


I consider myself a systemic therapist and I integrate many different approaches I’ve learned through the years: Relational psychotherapy, The Crucible Paradigm, NLP, IFS, Psychodrama, Improv, EMDR, and Imago. My work is inspired by wonderful clinicians and thinkers such as Whitaker, Schnarch, Real, Gottman, Satir, Perel, Farrelly, Minuschin, Adler, White, and more.

“There is no growth in the comfort zone”


Since therapy is all about change and growth, I believe in positive anxiety (Whitaker), where both the client and therapist are playfully challenged to expand their self-and-other perceptions.

My style is direct, bold, playful and at time somewhat confrontational. I aim to bring myself authentically in order to create authentic now moments that help create long-lasting change.​
I believe in practical, bold, clear communication as an efficient way to help people mature.

If you would like to understand my approach more deeply you can listen or watch over 100 original talks on: 
The Potential State Podcast and YouTube channel as well as dozens of original articles on my blog on Psychology Today.

I'm ready to meet. How about you?

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Lets talk

Call me at 052-6048145
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