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Gendered Coaching

"Stop pleasing, start living" - Glennon Doyle 

Do you feel stuck? You look around and know you want to get somewhere, you just do not know how? Or maybe you're looking around and wondering - how did I get here? Do you have a longing for "more"...?


From an early age we receive the message that our wants and desires are secondary and external voices are internalized and adopted as our own. We may find ourselves wondering - what do I want? How do I tune in to my internal voice? As women we focus a lot on others, we place high value on the relational. And that’s great, as long as we don’t lose ourselves along the way.  Maintaining and investing in our sense of self, being mindful and aware of our internal compass, celebrating our strengths and accessing our pleasures are means to experiencing a complete and fulfilled life. 


Together we explore and examine the messages and narratives we received and internalized, examining how these simultaneously serve and limit us, what we can let go of, break free from, and nurture in order to amplify our authentic voice. Our voice is our tool for self expression, boundary work and cultivating connection. 


As a certified life coach (Tel Aviv University), a lactation consultant, holding a BA in Sociology (Tel Aviv University) and a MA in Gender studies (UCL), currently a Gender PhD student (Bar Ilan) I discovered that my passion lies in the intersectionality of the personal, social and relational. It’s these axes points that allow me to offer you new perspectives that will surface and anchor your strengths and agency as you deconstruct and reconstruct your story.


Coaching with a gender perspective means we seek out a rainbow of narratives, choices and options. We step out of the narrow, hierarchical, binary views that leave people stuck in rigid realities. We open our minds and hearts to new interpretations that serve us well, return agency to our being and invite empathy and curiosity to our state of mind. 


We will examine your core beliefs, your intergenerational scripts, your narrative, strengths and challenges and offer new meanings, definitions and interpretations that serve your personal growth and your relationships. 


I believe that you know YOU best. I'm here as a guide to ask questions, offer new points of view and provide practical tools for expanding your mindset.

Sessions are 60 minutes in my clinic in Kfar Saba or via Zoom. 


For more information and to book your initial session, leave your details below.



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