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relational power dynamics

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Ever have this little feeling that you’re better than your partner…? Maybe not in everything, but certainly in some things?

Ever confess? Ever let them know? Ever name the areas of your relationship that you think you are ‘in the lead’? Ever admit it to yourself…?

Breathe. You’re not alone.

We call this phenomenon the 95/70. One partner thinks they’re a 95 and grades the other a mere 70.

We’ve been there. We are there.

We’ve not only recognized this pattern, but we’ve also addressed it and brought it to the forefront of our marriage.

We’ve mapped it out and have been working on this for several years now and we finally feel ready to share what we’ve learned and come up with.

We’ve reversed engineered the origins of this in our relationship, found the points where we implicitly and unconsciously shook and agreed on it, and now, where we’ve begun to make a shift. A renegotiation.

Join us on Sunday, February 28th for a raw encounter where we speak about the unspoken and unveil the relational power dynamics.

You gotta name it, to tame it….

In this intimate encounter we will share –

  • The 95/70 as a key concept

  • Why we all fall trap to this power dynamic

  • How to identify the areas of 'superiority' and how they play out in our relationship

  • 4 step process in shifting and softening the existing dynamic

You ready?! We ARE!  


Nice to meet you...

Assael Romanelli, Ph.D., is a clinical social worker, licensed Couple & Family Therapist and supervisor, as well as an international trainer and facilitator.

Galit Romanelli is a certified coach with an M.A in Gender studies. She is the founder of M.Other Milk, an infant feeding storytelling platform that empowers M.Others to share and process their infant feeding journey.

The Potential State is, in essence, Assael and Galit’s relational space. Both with a deep curiosity for relationships, people and experiences, they strive to share and model their discoveries as they continue to grow, expand, stretch and learn.

Assael and Galit each bring their unique and complimentary skills and acquired knowledge to nurture an environment to feel freely. They believe that the means to a positive, healthy and inclusive society starts first and foremost with our most cherished interactions and relationships.

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